The most important characteristic of OMC


Quality control


OMC was founded in February 2008 and since then its name has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in the field of industrial marble and its remarkable success in this field is reflected in a wide range of projects carried out by the company with a wide range of clients working in different fields such as hospitals, hotels, universities,


Orient Materials EST. (OMC) is a company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is engaged in a variety of activities, mainly the field of industrial marble, building materials, contracting and trade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Orient Materials Est. (OMC) is the authorized agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the STARON®  & Radianz ® industrial marble produced by the Korean Lotte company
Our message
  • Provide a working environment that is vibrant
  • Providing world-class quality that gives investments an unrivalled value.
  • Generate new ideas that respect different opinions and are consistent with progress and suit different tastes.
  • Preserve the environment and provide success work solutions that preserve the ecosystem.
  • Promote free and open communication that promotes cooperation and.
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Our values
  • Consider quality and reliability as the cornerstone of each client’s project.
  • Use the resources available and appropriate to achieve the objectives of the project quickly.
  • Adopting the principle of development, advanced technologies and advanced resources in the work to achieve best results.
  • Put Safety in policies and procedures in ranked first.
  • Preserving the environment and promoting its conservation
Our vision
  • To be the first choice and offer innovative solutions to designers and customers in the industrial marble sector.
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